Gain a Better Understanding of Risk-Return

Oracle is the unchallenged leader in Financial

Services, with an integrated, best-in-class, end-to-end solution of intelligent software and powerful hardware designed to meet every nancial service need.  

Enables nancial institutions to measure and meet risk adjusted performance objectives, culti-vate a risk management culture through transparency, lower the costs of compliance and regu-lation, and improve insight into customer behavior. Enterprise Performance Management. 

  • Industry-leading analytical methods
  • Integrated risk, performance management
  • customer insight, and compliance
  • Shared data model and applications
  • Architecture Enterprise-class scalability

Focus Industries :

  • Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets

Benefits : 

  • Actively incorporate risk into decision making
  • Achieve a consistent view of performance
  • Promote a transparent risk management
  • Culture Deliver actionable customer, business line, and profitability insights
  • Provide pervasive intelligence


Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications

[Enterprise Performance Management- EPM, Financial Crime & Compliance Management- FCCM & Enterprise Risk Management- ERM]